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Canada Girl's Canucks Trivia
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Hey there! Test your Canucks knowledge and see how big a fan you are!


1. Markus Naslund recently earned his seventh hat-trick as a Canuck. Which two former Canucks have more (10)?
A. Stan Smyl and Mark Messier
B. Cliff Ronning and Tony Tanti
C. Pavel Bure and Stan Smyl
D. Tony Tanti and Pavel Bure
E. Orland Kurtenbach and Gino Odjick

2. Who is the only player to have his number retired by the Canucks?
A. #1 - Kirk McLean
B. # 9 - Russ Courtnall
C. #12 - Stan Smyl
D. #18 - Marc Crawford
E. #27 - Sergio Momesso

3. Which Canuck goalie holds the team record for shutouts?
A. Kirk McLean
B. Richard Brodeur
C. Dan Cloutier
D. Peter Skudra
E. Felix Potvin

4. In which season did the Canucks reach a club record 101 points in the regular season?
A. 1981-1982
B. 1993-1994
C. 1992-1993
D. 1970-1971
E. 2001-2002

5. ____ is the number of goalies the Canucks have been through since the Brian Burke era began.
A. 5
B. 8
C. 12
D. 20
E. Lost count two years ago

6. Who was the first captain of the Vancouver Canucks?
A. Stan Smyl
B. Andre Boudrias
C. Orland Kurtenbach
D. Chris Oddleifson
E. Trevor Linden

7. The last brothers to play for the Canucks before the Sedins were ___________.
A. The Sutters
B. The Primeaus
C. The Tkachuks
D. The Bures
E. The Courtnalls

8. Which is the one team the Vancouver Canucks have never lost a game to?
A. New York Rangers
B. Atlanta Thrashers
C. Columbus Blue Jackets
D. Florida Panthers
E. Dallas Carolina Hurricanes

9. Which former Canucks player is the only active player who played in the WHA?
A. Sergio Momesso
B. Gino Odjick
C. Kirk McLean
D. Par-Olav Brasar
E. Mark Messier

10. Which two Canucks played together on Canada's gold medal-winning World Juniour Championship team in 1995?
A. Todd Bertuzzi & Trevor Letowski
B. Todd Bertuzzi & Ed Jovanovski
C. Ed Jovanovski & Dan Cloutier
D. Brendan Morrison & Todd Bertuzzi
E. Dan Cloutier & Brendan Morrison

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Which Canucks' performance will have the most impact on the team's success?
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Okay. Brad May will fit back in, and he didn't cost much.
Bad. We should have gotten a big-name player.
Doesn't matter. The Canucks aren't going to do anything in the

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